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This work covers from White Zombie to Land of the Dead... 80 zombie movies that shaped a horror subgenre and left us all with a mortal fear of flesh-eating ghouls clawing their way out of the cold, dark earth. Zombiemania takes an in-depth look at one of the most popular horror film categories of all time. What is it that makes us so scared of and yet so attracted to the living dead? Why is it that shambling corpses with a taste for brains, or mindless automatons controlled by a voodoo master still retain such relentless power? Illustrated with many photographs, some published here for the first time, this is one film guide that will leave you with a restless urge to walk the night in search of living flesh.The criteria for inclusion in this list of future zombie movies are the same as for all other films in this book. ... As is true of all future film projects, information often changes during the course of production, from title, release date and people involved to, in some ... The Return of Bloody Bill (2006 USA) Death Walks the Streets (2006 USA) Decayed (2006 USA) Devila#39;s Playhouse, The (2006 USA). Coming Soon.

Author:Arnold Blumberg
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2013-01-31


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