Zimbabwean Tales

Zimbabwean Tales

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Team Building and Other Stories is a collection of eight short stories. The first, Team Building, takes place in Victoria Falls and describes a day in the life of Mbambo. His employer conducts corporate team building exercises and this story follows the absurd misadventures of Mbamboa€™s benighted charges who eventually triumph, despite the odds, due to Mbamboa€™s inspired leadership, which is worthy of a€˜Good Soldier Svejka€™. Section 3 (g) gets its title from the Miscellaneous Offences Act, a set of colonial laws used by the Zimbabwean government against it own people. Malinga, an enterprising single mother who is a money-changer, is arrested and charged with section3 (g) a€˜blocking the pavementa€™. The story follows her struggle against the state security apparatus. The Buffalo is a story set in rural Matabeleland. A lone buffalo visits a remote village setting off a series of events that ultimately ends in tragedy for one of the local identities, Tshabalala, whose misfortunes are the product of his fraught relationship with his daughter. The Eagle also begins in a rural district when a family is visited by a terrifying, supernatural force that demands to be appeased. Unfortunately, this family is unable to present a united front when it is needed most. Majujua€™s Magic is the last of the a€˜rurala€™ stories and examines the conflict caused by the filial loyalty of Dlodlo for his roguish uncle, Ncube, and his responsibilities as a young professional in the modern world. One Shoe is concerned with the antics of mad a€œArchiea€™, notorious war veteran and debt collector, as he recovers money owed to his friend, Ngwenya. The last two stories are set in Australia and deal with the experiences of the Zimbabwean Diaspora. Little Buddies is about Lubaa€™s experiences of racism in primary school. Three Little Birds deals with the political divisions within the Zimbabwean community as they surface during a beauty contest.He entered his home, turned around, pushed the front door shut and then froze, rendered immobile, for a few brief ... She was reading a magazine while listening to her iPod. ... Nyoni sat down, fascinated by the grainy video of Bob Marley.

Title:Zimbabwean Tales
Author:Jeremy Wohlers
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-04-02


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