Zeolite Microporous Solids: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity

Zeolite Microporous Solids: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity

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Intensive research on zeolites, during the past thirty years, has resulted in a deep understanding of their chemistry and in a true zeolite science, including synthesis, structure, chemical and physical properties, and catalysis. These studies are the basis for the development and growth of several industrial processes applying zeolites for selective sorption, separation, and catalysis. In 1983, a NATO Advanced Study Institute was organized in Alcabideche (portugal) to establish the State-of-the-Art in Zeolite Science and Technology and to contribute to a better understanding of the structural properties of zeolites, the configurational constraints they may exert, and their effects in adsorption, diffusion, and catalysis. Since then, zeolite science has witnessed an almost exponential growth in published papers and patents, dealing with both fundamentals issues and original applications. The proposal of new procedures for zeolite synthesis, the development of novel and sophisticated physical techniques for zeolite characterization, the discovery of new zeolitic and related microporous materials, progresses in quantum chemistry and molecular modeling of zeolites, and the application of zeolites as catalysts for organic reactions have prompted increasing interest among the scientific community. An important and harmonious interaction between various domains of Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering resulted therefrom.A simple line diagram of this isosteric apparatus is shown in Figure 1. ... The silicalite-1 and Na-Yzeolite sorbents were supplied by Laporte Inorganics ( Widnes, UK). ... was calcined initially at 550AdC in air to remove the organic template and out-gassed at all other times by vacuum evacuation at 350AdC in the isosteric system.

Title:Zeolite Microporous Solids: Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity
Author:E.G. Derouane, Francisco Lemos, Claude Naccache, Fernando Ramôa Ribeiro
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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