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In the coastal mountain area of California, eighteen-year-old Connor Bright is enjoying his senior year at the secluded Teller Academy. But that idyllic scene changes when he witnesses the grisly classroom murder of his twenty-two-year-old history teacher Miss Diamond. Ita€™s a murder that no one but Connor seems to remember. Connor soon learns that he is the only witness to other events, and this knowledge exposes him and his friends as expendable in some mysterious cabal. But he needs to persuade his skeptical friendsa€”Blake, Sally, and Aliciaa€”that there is something sinister happening at the academy and they must escape to uncover the real reasons they have been secretly cloistered at Teller Academy. Escaping the schoola€™s mind control scheme and not being able to trust their memories, the teens investigate the mystery at the academy. What they find is a secret group of elders that has become the ultimate Washington power broker. This group hatched a diabolical plan directed at the nationa€™s youth and will overnight change the entire social and political climate of the United States. The plan threatens an entire generation; the fate of millions of youth is at stake.Ford pointed to the power supply diagram on the laptop screen. a€œYou see this spherical core? Ita#39;s collapsible...but in a controlled manner. The fissile material can be brought to near criticality, producing enormous neutron fluxes. The outer shellanbsp;...

Author:S. P. Perone
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-11-12


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