Your Better Self Study Manual

Your Better Self Study Manual

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This Manual is designed to be used as a compliment to and in conjunction with my book, a€œYour Better Self: A Simple Guide to Where You Want to Be.a€ It can most certainly be read by itself as a proper book in its own right. However, there are allusions and references to content in the book such that some of the content of this Manual might appear incomplete. The purpose of the book is to offer scenarios and stories a€“ slices of real life a€“ so that readers can a€œself-identifya€ the specific areas of life they need to work on so they can increase their motivation and energy to straightforwardly manifest their worthy aspirations and more quickly become their better Selves. The purpose of this Manual is to be a companion to the book, offering additional content, stories, resources, tools and exercises to help readers delve more deeply into those areas of opportunity to improve themselves. Taken together, the book and this Manual provide all that is needed to begin to more rapidly and easily become your better Self and get what you really want in your life. When you read a chapter in the book that beckons you to explore that particular theme of life at a deeper level, pick up this Manual and go to that same chapter (the Manual has the same chapter names and sequence as the book) and read the additional content. More importantly, be sure to do the exercises as these will help you get clearer on the specific and unique ways YOU can become YOUR better Self.The. Power. to. Be. Your. Better. Self. The habits you have developed over your lifetime form the basis of your personal power. These automatic actions comprise the foundation upon which your life is built. But the trouble with habits is thatanbsp;...

Title:Your Better Self Study Manual
Author:Ken Wallace
Publisher:Author House - 2011-09-29


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