You Go Girl!

You Go Girl!

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This book is about my life after I left my religious order and what I then did to support myself.. Going from life in an order with Papal Enclosure to the modern World was a horrendous ordeal. Living under Papal Enclosure meant leaving the Cloister only for educational purposes or other special occasions. such as hospital stays, etc. For instance when my Father died I was not allowed to go home or even participate in his funeral. I went from Mastera€™s student to PhD student to actively looking for a job as a PhD. Having obtained a position with a major corporation it meant getting to know how to dress appropriately, mingle with ordinary people, discuss football, baseball and other topics which had been quite foreign to me. Then began the process of dating, being engaged, marrying and living a married life. Then widowhood, falling in love again, marrying again. In the process of working, then retiring and then obtaining another position, then moving to the North where I ran for election and won and with another person began the Small Business Development Center for NE Michigan. Then came Teaching college level classes and then widowhood a second time and moving back to the Detroit area. After that came more schooling (I became a Spiritual Director). Then Alaska where I worked after which I returned to the Lower 48 where I went back to school for a M Div. Then I received a unit of PET at Beaumont Hospital where I was an intern in Hospital Chaplaincy.It took me quite a while to get the Alaska plates for the Jeep. The Alaskan ... Apparently the sun was so hot that the precipitation coming down crystallized. Someday I hope you can ... go was the microwave. When my new car arrived, aJeep Liberty, it had a sunroof and all sorts of bells and whistles. I thinkI must have been the only retired Exec up there as I had to bring my book of instructions 61 You Go Girl!

Title:You Go Girl!
Author:Dacia Van Antwerp
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-03-17


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