You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance

You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance

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In You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance: Essays on Faith and Living, author Cory L. Kemp, creator and founder of Creating Women Ministries, presents a variety of thought-provoking articles that will inspire you to consider what you believe and prompt you to define your faith by how you live your day-to-day life. qIf Paul Had Emailq ponders the important tradition of the Biblical Epistles and how they still inform our faith today. In qA Farewell, q Peter Jennings is remembered as a man who touched our lives in profoundly simple and important ways. qSearching for the Kingdomq observes a modern-day treasure hunter digging for gold in his front yard, reminding us of Jesus' story of another soul seeking great wealth on someone else's property. Also included are readings on faith, family, national and world events and new parables for our lives. This book encourages each of us to know ourselves, each other and God more intimately, and to become better acquainted with how we live by what we believeThe ceramic monkey candle holders are a good example. The daily ... Walk through almost any home interiors or decorating store and you are bound to discover a whole separate division dedicated to chicken-themed merchandise. Even ifanbsp;...

Title:You Don't See Many Chickens in Clearance
Author:Cory Kemp - 2006-09-01


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