You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico

You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico

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You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico By Debora L. Carr When an east coast 'Jersey girl' moves west to her new 'home on the range' in Albuquerque, it does not take long to figure out that 'they do things differently in New Mexico'. She finds she has moved from a state that has perpetually been the butt of comedian's jokes, to a state that is generally not even recognized as such by a large portion of the US population. A compilation of firmly tongue-in-cheek vignettes regarding life in New Mexico as viewed through the eyes of an oftimes bewildered transplanted 'Easterner', the reader is invited on a rollicking ride through a state filled with weird wonders from moss rocks to the 'mummy truck' and populated with a cast of colorful characters such as Tat2 Tammy, the Masked Man of Central Avenue and Jesus on a Harley, to name but a few. Born out of the humorous newsletters Debora wrote and sent to friends and family members 'back east', the book relates tales of crazy drivers, odd customs, and strange roadway sights amid a landscape straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon. All are part of the Land of Enchantment that is known as New Mexico. About the Author Debora Carr was born and raised in the central New Jersey area, graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in Art Education in 1980 and became a successful professional graphic artist and packaging designer. She chose to accompany her parents when they decided to relocate to and retire in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2003, where she continued her chosen profession of graphic artist, working as a one-person art department for a small print shop. She continued to keep in touch with friends and family members 'back east' by means of periodic humorous newsletters which she called her 'Albu-Quirky Journals' in which she detailed her perspective on life in New Mexico. These collected essays were developed from those early newsletters and are written in a tongue-in-cheek style, emulating those written by two of her favorite authors, James Thurber and Mark Twain. She has a penchant for collecting stories and photos of all things weird, odd and unusual and is delighted to find that her new home state of New Mexico is overflowing with them.Americaa#39;s love affair with big, tank-like vehicles is very much alive and thriving in New Mexico where the family car is more often than not ... Believe me, there is nothing as terrifying as looking into the rear-view mirror of your little Ford Focus and seeing a huge canary-yellow ... Thata#39;s when you realize you have a fourteen and a half year old kamikaze on your bumper and you break out in a cold sweat.

Title:You Don't Need a Passport to Move to New Mexico
Author:Debora L. Carr
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2009-05


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