You can get There from Here

You can get There from Here

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Forward Dear Paul M y friend Paul LeBlanc and I have had many wonderful adventures together over the years. I knew we were going to be friends when we first met on a film called qSilence of the Northq in 1981. We were shooting in northern Canada in 40 degree temperatures. I had a scene where I had to run out of my cabin because a bear was on the roof, and shoot the bear. Paul and I were inside the cabin, just the two of us, waiting for my cue. When the bear went on the roof, the rafters of the cabin started sagging and the snow came pouring in. It looked like the roof was going to give way and the bear fall through and join us in the small cabin. We were terrified. At which point, Paul wailed, qOh, please, I just wanted to be a hairdresser!q I laughed so hard I dropped my rifle. And what a hairdresser he is. He's always been my favorite, not just for his amazing artistry, which he demonstrated on me over and over again in many films, but most particularly in qRequiem for a Dreamq in 2000. He's done my hair not only for films, but also for the Oscars, the Tonys, in Paris, in London, in limousines, in all temperatures and under every imaginable condition. But we've always had a great time together and he's always made me laugh, as I'm sure readers of his book will. Ellen Burstyn (2006)I ended up going to Toronto, for I had two friends already living there. James Brown, a ... Terrence Price, a young architectural interior designer, was from Coverdale. These two ... This is when I started to notice more about interior decorating.

Title:You can get There from Here
Author:Paul LeBlanc
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-06


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