You Can Be... Debt Free

You Can Be... Debt Free

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We are the architects of cash management. Unlike financial journalists, syndicated columnists, and internet financial gurus, with tips and advice on every financial subject, we concentrate our efforts on simple formulas to control spending and reduce debts. Writers of budget books with hundreds of budget categories leave us dazed, and after many failed attempts at budgeting we quit. No wonder. Credit counseling services can package a debt repayment plan at a high cost to the debtor, a high monthly fee, frozen credit and a damaged credit rating that will last for years. We are the only ones who do what we do! No oether system of household debt management is as simple to use, and yet so effective. Our Debt Free system gives you the flexibility of cash and debit/credit card spending, while you still maintain total control of your cash. You will immediately take control of your debts by manageable debt reducing payments and the timely reminders of payment due dates. In our workbook manual you will learn three basic steps to guide you to zero debt, with a real life example of how it's done. By starting with our simple worksheet of your recurring expenses and debts, we make our system easy to use. No budgets are required. Follow the Formula-The Vision- The SuccessSaving for a rainy day may not be a priority when youa#39;re buried under credit card bills. ... Date Due . Schedule your monthly expense payments at least five days before the due date, giving yourself enough time to have adequate funds in your anbsp;...

Title:You Can Be... Debt Free
Author:Bill Wagenheim
Publisher:Smart Money Management - 2011-10


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