Xcode Tools Sensei

Xcode Tools Sensei

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Xcode Tools Sensei is a book about Apple's developer tools that are used to create Mac and iOS applications. This book doesn't stop with Xcode and Interface Builder. Xcode Tools Sensei covers a dozen developer tools, both graphical and command-line tools. You will learn how to profile your code and check for memory leaks with Instruments, write shaders with OpenGL Shader Builder, and uncover performance problems with OpenGL ES Performance Detective. If you want to spend more time creating, testing, and profiling your applications and less time wading through Apple's documentation, get a copy of Xcode Tools Sensei. This edition has been updated for Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6. Some of the new material in this edition includes auto layout for iOS applications, cherry picking commits, and creating base localizations to simplify application localization.The Xcode Tools contain everything you need to create Mac OS X and iOS applications. As powerful as the Xcode Tools are, they can be difficult to learn. Most Mac OS X and iOS development books focus on Cocoa and Cocoa Touchanbsp;...

Title:Xcode Tools Sensei
Author:Mark Szymczyk
Publisher:Black Apple Software Inc. - 2011-11-01


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