Writing in the Snow, 1962-

Writing in the Snow, 1962-

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Okay, time for a little confession. Three things: 1. I spent about forty years writing ads and commercials for various advertising agencies, and for about 85% of that time I absolutely loved it. 2. For the other 15% of the time, I absolutely hated it. 3. But in spite of the disasters involved in that 15%, I wouldna€™t have traded jobs with anyone. Not even the President of the United States. But why in the world had I chosen to do it all in Minneapolis? Beats me. Minneapolis, as you probably know, is in Minnesota. And Minnesota means unusual weather, to say the least. In Junea€”which is when I decided to take the joba€”there are several wonderful days. Maybe four or five. But the rest of the time ita€™s mostly winter. With snow up to your ears and the thermometer plunging helplessly. And that was only the beginning of the problems...100 amp. electrical service with circuit breakers and 220V wiring. ... has been described as a€œa home for people who really appreciate nice living.a€ Contains dozens of luxurious little extras, such as beautiful decorating, interior window shutters, anbsp;...

Title:Writing in the Snow, 1962-
Author:Wallace J. Gordon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2007-11-07


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