Writing History in the Global Era

Writing History in the Global Era

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Leading historian Lynn Hunt rethinks why history matters in todaya€™s global world and how it should be written. George Orwell wrote that a€œhistory is written by the winners.a€ Even if that seems a bit too cut-and-dried, we can say that history is always written from a viewpoint but that viewpoints change, sometimes radically. The history of workers, women, and minorities challenged the once-unquestioned dominance of the tales of great leaders and military victories. Then, cultural studiesa€”including feminism and queer studiesa€”brought fresh perspectives, but those too have run their course. With globalization emerging as a major economic, cultural, and political force, Lynn Hunt examines whether it can reinvigorate the telling of history. She hopes that scholars from East and West can collaborate in new ways and write wider-ranging works. At the same time, Hunt argues that we could better understand the effects of globalization in the past if we knew more about how individuals felt about the changes they were experiencing. She proposes a sweeping reevaluation of individualsa€™ active role and their place in society as the keys to understanding the way people and ideas interact. She also reveals how surprising new perspectives on society and the selfa€”from environmental history, the history of human-animal interactions, and even neurosciencea€”offer promising new ways of thinking about the meaning and purpose of history in our time.41 (the catalogue refers only to Worcestera#39;s Elements of History and Geography without giving a full reference). 2 The Study of History in Secondary Schools: Report to the American Historical Association (New York: Macmillan, 1911), pp. ... Burden of Dreams: History and Identity in PostSoviet Ukraine (University Park, PA : Penn State University Press, 1998), p. 82. .... 12 Jacques Derrida, a€œStructure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences [1966], a€ in Joseph P. Natoli andanbsp;...

Title:Writing History in the Global Era
Author:Lynn Hunt
Publisher:W. W. Norton & Company - 2014-09-15


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