Writing 7-Minute Inspirational Life Experience Vignettes

Writing 7-Minute Inspirational Life Experience Vignettes

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Put direct experience in a small package and launch it worldwide. Write your life story in short vignettes of 1, 500 to 1, 800 words. Write eulogies and anecdotes or vignettes of life stories and personal histories for mini-biographies and autobiographies. Then condense or contract the life stories or personal histories into PowerPoint presentations and similar slide shows on disks using lots of photos and one-page of life story. Finally, collect lots of vignettes and flesh-out the vignettes, linking them together into first-person diary-style novels and books, plays, skits, or other larger works. Write memoirs or eulogies for people or ghostwrite biographies and autobiographies for others. The vignette can be read in ten minutes. So fill magazine space with a direct experience vignette. Magazine space needs only 1, 500 words. When you link many vignettes together, each forms a book chapter or can be adapted to a play or script. Included are a full-length diary-format first person novel and a three-act play, including a monologue for performances. There's a demand for direct life experiences written or produced as vignettes and presented in small packages. Save those vignettes electronically. Later, they can be placed together as chapters in a book or adapted as a play or script, turned into magazine feature, specialty, or news columns, or offered separately as easy-to-read packages.Excel or any other type of spread sheet with your dates from historical research as these will relate to your characters and help you develop a real plot. 6. ... Use plays, skits, monologues, dramatizations, diaries, novels, stories, and essays. ... stories, novels, and memoirs are team projects of the person whose life is being turned into a time capsule Writing 7-Minute Inspirational Life Experience Vignettes 212.

Title:Writing 7-Minute Inspirational Life Experience Vignettes
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-06


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