Work. Rest. Repeat.

Work. Rest. Repeat.

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Sixty years ago the world was wrecked during a terrible war. The soil was poisoned. The air became toxic. Billions died. Those who survived took refuge in great towered cities, and began constructing giant colony ships that would enable them to escape the ruined Earth. The work wasna€™t completed in their lifetime. The seas rose to swamp the diseased land, and lap against the city walls. Their descendants laboured on, and now the first of the spaceships is nearing completion. But these cities arena€™t dictatorships. An election is scheduled to choose a leader for this last exodus of humanity. With twenty-four hours until voting is due to begin, two workers are murdered. It is the first serious crime in generations, and it is down to the young Constable Ely to solve it. The election must take place. The ships must be launched. Above all, production must come first. A dystopian detective novel from the author of Surviving The Evacuation 1: London, 2: Wasteland, 3: Family 4: Unsafe Haven, 5: Reunion, 6: Harvest, 7: Home. Zombies vs The Living Dead (Free), Undead Britain, and Historya€™s End.Ia#39;m still running a diagnostic check, but I think when they built it, they knew this type of catastrophic failure might happen. ... I mean, was she really aa€”a€ a€œIa#39;ve got the Chancellor calling, a€ Vauxhall interrupted. ... And Stirling would have had the access codes to override the elevators and door locks 103 Chapter 7 - Clean up . ..

Title:Work. Rest. Repeat.
Author:Frank Tayell
Publisher:Frank Tayell - 2015-06-20


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