Word Up

Word Up

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Everyone says the English language is changing in this global digital age. Everyone says the generations don't understand each other. Word Up is the complete up-todate Australian guide to where our language is headed. Fascinating, colourful, easy to use and full of surprises. Includes a youth lexicon.A Lexicon and Guide to Communication in the 21st Century Mark McCrindle, Emily Wolfinger. :5 Ga€œ: a€”:: .d EE=Ac= pov, . powo. adjective. 1. Undesirable, unhip. a€œSee Sophiea#39;s shoes?a€ a€œYeah, talk about , bov!a€ 2. Unable or unwillingly to part with money. Australian ... pwnage. noun. Act of dominating or convincingly beating someone, a computer gaming term. a€œThere was some awesome , bwnage in that fight.

Title:Word Up
Author:Mark McCrindle, Emily Wolfinger
Publisher:The ABC of XYZ - 2011


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