Word Book for Macintosh Users

Word Book for Macintosh Users

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A Word task-oriented reference book organized around how you do things, not how Word does things. Rather than moving menu by menu through the application, the book discusses the kinds of things people want to accomplish, such as changing the way the text looks, changing the space between lines, changing the page numbers, etc. It's a problem-solving book.When people refer to extensions, they usually mean programs that load into RAM while the Macintosh starts up. ... -F- fast save A flavor of Word save where a complete new copy of your work is not saved to disk. ... Fast saves work well when you have a long document and dislike watching Word count up to 100 percent as it saves, but they can make recovering a damaged file or transferring a file to another word processor a lot more difficult. field A category of information in a dataanbsp;...

Title:Word Book for Macintosh Users
Author:Tonya Engst
Publisher:Hayden - 1994-01-01


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