Wood Pellet Heating Systems

Wood Pellet Heating Systems

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Wood Pellet Heating Systems is a comprehensive handbook covering all aspects of wood pellet heating technology. The use of wood pellets as an alternative heating fuel is already well established in several countries and is becoming widespread as fossil fuel prices continue to rise and awareness of climate change grows. Wood pellets are a carbon-neutral technology, convenient to use, and can easily be integrated into existing central heating systems or used in independent space heaters. This fully-illustrated and easy-to-follow guide shows how wood-pellet heating works, the different types of systems a€“ from small living room stove systems to larger central heating systems for institutions a€“ how they are installed, and even how wood pellets are manufactured. Featuring examples from around the world, it has been written for heating engineers and plumbers who are interested in installing systems, home owners and building managers who are considering purchasing a system, advanced DIYers, building engineers and architects, but will be of interest to anyone who requires a clear guide to wood pellet technology.... Bioenergy Pellet Network and some useful information and links. www.pdf- search-engine.com/wood-pellets-pdf.html This ... online. A variety of quite useful and sometimes nationally approved software can be obtained, often free or on a free trial ... free online and downloadable software specifically designed for use with renewable project development, including ... www.americanenergysystems. com/fuel-calculator.cfm US American Energy Systems offer a free online fuel calculatoranbsp;...

Title:Wood Pellet Heating Systems
Author:Dilwyn Jenkins
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-08-12


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