Wondering about physics

Wondering about physics

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This companion to introductory physics books gives readers practice solving problems on a computer--almost any computer running almost any spreadsheet software will do. Your spreadsheet program must be able to do trig and inverse trig functions, and exponential and logarithmic (base e) functions (graphing capability is a plus). Working through these investigations provides excellent 'professional' practice, yet no calculus is used. Contains 53 investigations, including freely falling objects, finding the center of mass, launching a rocket, the Doppler shift, Rutherford scattering, and relativistic speeds of electrons in a linear accelerator.88 Investigation #38: Electric Circuits resistance of the battery have to be to appear negligible? Does this ... Related Science Concepts KirchholTs loop and junction rules can be used to solve for the currents and voltage drops in the circuit. ... This current is the same as the current through Rv Ra, and Rb. With the current through these elements, the voltage drop for each can be calculated via Ohma#39;s law.

Title:Wondering about physics
Author:Dewey Irwin Dykstra, Robert G. Fuller
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc - 1988-06-02


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