Wizard King

Wizard King

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In this second book, the Wizard bids for the Solid Gold Palace, placed on the auction block by the blundering Administration, thus preserving the Traditions and customs of the oppressed people. The Wizard creates a ring that makes things appear with the help of the tricky spirit, Ziro. Jaka, the Wizardly feline, encounters the nightmare of his life when he is gifted a lazy obese a€œdreama€ kitten who prowls in the Solid Gold Palace, and corners him, then tries to lick him . The Wizard and friends battle huge rodent space creatures who devour worlds, and mysteriously a€œfinda€ the fabled Threshold of the Universe.There was a blind old Sigatorian across from us with a guide dog. a€œHi doggy!a€ Suddenly it growled at me then barked. Every Secret Service male and female took out their guns as two of them shot the poor thing with their guns set on stun.

Title:Wizard King
Author:George Jachimowicz
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-09-15


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