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q[Wizard] brings the many complex facets of [Tesla's] personal and technical life together in to a cohesive whole. . .. I highly recommend this biography of a great technologist.q --A.A. Mullin, U.S. Army Space and Strategic Defense Command, COMPUTING REVIEWS q[Along with A Beautiful Mind] one of the five best biographies written on the brilliantly disturbed.q --WALL STREET JOURNAL qWizard is a compelling tale presenting a teeming, vivid world of science, technology, culture and human lives.q --NEW SCIENTIST qMarc Seifer is an excellent writer and scholar, who has produced a wonderfully readable and illuminating biography of one of the most intriguing men of this century. . . mak[ing] us understand not only the man, but also the times in which he lived. . . . [A] masterpiece.q --NELSON DEMILLE qThe author presents much new material. . . [and] bases his book on a large number of archival and primary sources. . .. Underneath the layers of hero worship, the core of Seifer's book is a serious piece of scholarship.q --Ronald Kline, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN qSeifer has done a remarkable job going through all the Tesla manuscripts. . . ferret[ing] out hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles in which he traces out Tesla's public image [and] offers a reasonable reconstruction of Tesla's emotional world. . . . Seifer has significantly advanced our understanding of Tesla.q --Bernard Carlson, author of Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age, for ISIS qIt is my opinion that Dr. Seifer leads the world as the most authoritative of all the Tesla researchers.q --J.W. McGINNIS, President, International Tesla Society qFar and away the best job among Tesla biographies.q --Jeffrey D. Kooistra, INFINITE ENERGY qWizard is . . . utterly absorbing with chapters charting all stages of Tesla's life. . .. Seifer treats his prodigious subject with sympathy and realism.q --NEXUS qWizard. . . presents a much more accurate. . . picture of Tesla. . .. [It] is thorough, informative, entertaining and a valuable addition to electrotechnological history, past and future.q --ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING TIMES qIn modern times, Tesla may be enjoying a comeback thanks to books like Wizard.q --THE NEW YORK TIMES qHere is a deep and comprehensive biography of a great engineer of early electrical science. Indeed, it is likely to become the definitive biography of the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. . . .. Highly recommended.q --AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCEIn May and June they applied for other patents on improvements on the commutator for the prevention of sparking and for regulating the current by means of a novel independent circuit coupled with auxiliary brushes. In July yet anotheranbsp;...

Author:Marc Seifer
Publisher:Citadel - 1998-05-01


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