Without Warning

Without Warning

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On the graveyard shift at the Deep Space Surveillance observatory in Hawaii, an air force airman steps out for a smoke, looks up, and catches sight of a shooting stara€”no, two shooting stars, strangely paired, and too bright against the night sky. This can't be right, he thinks a€b The airman is right. The objects are not stars but asteroids on a collision course with earth, and there is almost no time to prepare an unsuspecting world for the all but total devastation soon to come. But a retired army colonel and his family in western Pennsylvania, a group of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute, the president of the United States, and a handful of others across the country manage to survive the asteroid impacts and the towering twin tsunamis that followa€”only to discover that the worst is far from over. For in the wake of the devastation, small, life-bearing objects are falling to earth a€b and a plan laid out 400 years in the past begins to unfold.Without Warning takes the reader from the frozen depths of a world hurled into nuclear winter to a final battle for the very survival of the speciesa€”a journey the reader will not soon forget.Johnnie only noticed because the light lit up as well with an unfamiliar number; then the Colonel came on the line. ... Missy put herJeep Liberty in four-wheel drive and the vehicle came out of the ditch, snow shooting up from all four wheels .

Title:Without Warning
Author:Anthony G. Shea, Jr.
Publisher:Word Association Publishers - 2011


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