With All My Soul

With All My Soul

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Vowing to reclaim her school from a band of hellions, newly undead teen Kaylee Cavanaugh schemes to turn the incarnations of various deadly sins against each other and discovers that she will have to risk everything in order to save those she loves.appreciate it if you dona#39;t make us explain every little detail, because ita#39;s complicated, and we dona#39;t have all night. ... medicine instead of daytime cold medicine and you fell asleep in first period, and some jackass wrote all over your face with permanent marker. ... I know because I was there while Mom tried to scrub foura€”letter words offyour forehead with rubbing ala€” cohol, and I was with Cara when sheanbsp;...

Title:With All My Soul
Author:Rachel Vincent
Publisher:Harlequin - 2013-03-26


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