Wisdom, Law, and Virtue

Wisdom, Law, and Virtue

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The focus of this book is morals - how human beings should live their lives. For Dewan (and Thomas Aquinas) qmoralsq is qthe journey of the rational creature toward God.q While philosophical considerations are central here, Christian revelation and its truth constitute an enveloping context. These essays treat the history of philosophy as a development that proceeds by deepening appreciation of basic questions rather than the constant replacement of one worldview by another. Thus, theauthor finds forebears in Plato and Aristotle, in Augustine and Boethius, and especially in Aquinas. Written over a period of more than thirty years, the essays collected here treat both perennial issues in philosophy and such current questions as suicide as a weapon of war, the death penalty, and lying. Above all, they present the wisdom, the sapiential vision, that makes morals possible.Essays in Thomistic Ethics Lawrence Dewan ... Therefore, neither in acts also do the good and the bad diversify specifically. ... but because it has an object not in accordance with reason, for example a#39;to take what belongs to someone else.

Title:Wisdom, Law, and Virtue
Author:Lawrence Dewan
Publisher:Fordham Univ Press - 2008


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