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For Mackenzie, entanglements with things, gadgets, infrastructures, and services---tendencies, fleeting nuances, and peripheral shades of often barely registered feeling that cannot be easily codified, symbolized, or quantified---mark the experience of wirelessness, and this links directly to James's expanded conception of experience. qWirelessnessq designates a tendency to make network connections in different times and places using these devices and services. Equally, it embodies a sensibility attuned to the proliferation of devices and services that carry information through radio signals. Above all, it means heightened awareness of ongoing change and movement associated with networks, infrastructures, location, and information. --After realizing that the Treo 650 and Tungsten T5 are practically siblings internally, and the T5 already works with the WiFi ... Ita#39;s not perfect . . . and the only way to get things right is with a hard reset, but it completely blew PalmOnea#39;s garbageanbsp;...

Author:Adrian Mackenzie
Publisher:MIT Press - 2010


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