Winning at Store Management

Winning at Store Management

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This guide will show you how to maximize your success in many of the most important areas of your store management. Youa€™ll learn techniques on hiring the best people, training and motivating them to achieve great results and managing hours in the store to achieve maximum effectiveness. These are very important skills you can bring to a store management role. Your people represent you and your company to customers and prospective customers. Just how well are they doing at that? You want to have confidence that your employees are always doing an incredible job...not just when you are in the store. Hiring the right people is crucial to your success. You absolutely must have people who can help you get the desired results. They have to be able to make a meaningful, quantifiable contribution to the performance of your store. To move up in the organization, Store Manager has to get attention and recognition from top management. Great people will help you to showcase your talents while achieving your objectives. Ita€™s a win-win situation all around.Customer Service Orientation 1. What does customer service mean to you? 2. Tell me about your worst customer service experience, as a customer. 3. Tell me about your most positive customer service experience, as a customer. 4. What areanbsp;...

Title:Winning at Store Management
Author:DMSRetail, Dianne Miethner, Matt Parmaks
Publisher:DMSRetail Inc. -


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