Wings in Orbit

Wings in Orbit

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Wings in Orbit is an authoritative documentation of the many accomplishments of the NASA Space Shuttle Program. Starting with a foreword written by astronauts John Young and Robert Crippen, this compelling book provides accurate, authentic and easily understood accounts from NASA's best subject matter experts and external resources. The book captures the passion of those who devoted their energies to the Program's success for more than three decades. It focuses on their science and engineering accomplishments, the rich history of the program and the shuttle as an icon in U.S. history. No other book on the market has accumulated as many experts and resources on this subject nor broken it down in such easy to understand language with compelling imagery. With the Shuttle Program coming to a close, consumers will be inclined to purchase this book as it provides comprehensive information on this historic program as it ends its 30 year run. The promotions for this book will definitely benefit from the publicity of this historic event.Return to Hubble In May 2009, the crew of STS-l25 made the final repairs and upgrades to the Hubble Space ... Improvements on the International Space Station Continued Discovery flight STS-128, in 2009, provided capability for six ... In 2010, Endeavour provided the final large components: European Space Agency Node 3 with additional hygiene ... Selected from over 100 designs, this winning patch by Mr Blake Dumesnil features the historic icon set within a jewel- shape frame.

Title:Wings in Orbit
Author:National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Publisher:Government Printing Office - 2011-04-07


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