Windy City Woes

Windy City Woes

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Renee is young and beautiful Chicagoan with a successful career and a gorgeous man. She seems to have life figured out and mastered. Her obsession with her career finally pushes her lover of six years away, causing Renee to slowly unravel. It becomes apparent that she is not the picture-perfect woman everyone thinks she is. In fact, she has a very dark and scandalous past. Through flashbacks, visions, and a supernatural encounter with the deceased grandmother that she was raised by, Renee is forced to relive the pain of being abandoned by her mother as a toddler and the shame of the gutter lifestyle of stripping and hustling that she narrowly escaped. Will Renee be able to salvage her relationship with the love of her life while simultaneously fighting the demons of her past? a€œWindy City Woes is extremely entertaining and stimulating in many ways. It subtly grips the reader, taking you on an emotional roller coaster ride with lots of surprises. It ultimately forces you to think about facing your own skeletons and repressed memoriesa€ - Mary V.As cheesy as it sounds every day was pure bliss after Troy moved to Chicago. We would take turns ... On our free weekends, we would go underground from Friday to Monday morning. We would watch old black and white classics. We would make love from ... We would play Scrabble, chess, or Call of Duty on his Xbox. Occasionally we ... I began to shadow one of our creative directors. As a result of hisanbsp;...

Title:Windy City Woes
Author:Schivon E Braswell
Publisher:Author House - 2011-06-13


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