Windows XP Home Networking

Windows XP Home Networking

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This is the previous edition of this title. Please refer to ISBN 0764578162 for the latest edition of this bestselling book! Windows XP Home Networking makes home networking easy. With more and more families keeping an older computer in service when a new PC is purchased, there is now an opportunity for hundreds of millions of people worldwide to take advantage of the benefits of home networking. This book teaches the reader how to share Internet connections, share local resources like files and printers, and also ensure that their network is safe from attackers. Windows XP Home Networking covers both the professional and home editions of Windows XP. It includes information on connecting to the Internet with modem or broadband connections, planning and setting up a home network, sharing an Internet connection between two or more computers, understanding users, sharing networking resources, wireless networking, XP remote access features, XP .NET and Web integration, security, and more. Topics include basic connection and home networking advice, remote access, and Internet integration: Everything a home network owner will need to get online, share a connection, and publish information to the Web, all while keeping their home network safe from intrusion. Windows XP includes a new Network Setup Wizard, multiple IP profiles for network cards, pervasive wireless networking support, a new network bridging feature, improved Internet Connection Sharing, and a new Internet Connection Firewall. All of these features are covered in Windows XP Home Networking.legacy applications, XP compatibility, 7, 8 legacy networking protocols, 28-29, 159 Limited accounts, 98, 102 Linux, 163-164 local access numbers, 40 Local Area Connection, 61 Local Group Policy Editor. ... 111 Logon Information Properties dialog box, 109, 119 lost passwords, recovering, 105-107 Low privacy setting (Internet Explorer), 205 ... box (Outlook Express), 219, 220 mail server names, 216 Mail tab (Outlook Express), 219 Maintenance tab (Outlook Express), 223 Makeanbsp;...

Title:Windows XP Home Networking
Author:Paul Thurrott
Publisher:Wiley - 2002-07-26


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