Windows 8.1 In Depth

Windows 8.1 In Depth

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WindowsAr 8.1 IN DEPTH Do more in less time! Experienced with Windows? Dona€™t let Windows 8.1 make you feel like a beginner again! This book is packed with intensely useful knowledge you wona€™t find anywhere else. Full of new tips and shortcuts, ita€™s the fastest, best way to master Windows 8.1a€™s full power, get comfortable with its radically different interface, and leverage its new tools for everything from business to video, security to social networking! a€c Take a quick guided tour of everything thata€™s new in Windows 8.1 a€c Survive without the Start menu a€c Navigate the Windows 8.1 interface (and customize it to make yourself more comfortable) a€c Learn hidden shortcuts youa€™d never find on your own a€c Quickly locate and use files, media, apps, websites and management tools a€c Set up your Web connection, and discover Internet Explorer 11a€™s latest improvements a€c Get comfortable with Windows 8.1a€™s built-in apps, from Calendar and Finance to Weather and Windows Store a€c Save time by monitoring Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through one unified app a€c Make the most of Windowsa€™ supercharged media and imaging tools a€c Profit from Windowsa€™ built-in support for business presentations a€c Maximize the performance and efficiency of hardware, storage, and software a€c Protect yourself from viruses, spyware, data theft, fraud, spam, hackers, and snoops a€c Use SkyDrive to access your data from anywherea€”and use Remote Desktop to access your computer, too a€c Get even more power with Windows 8.1a€™s command-line interface a€c Use Hyper-V to run other operating systems alongside Windows a€c Troubleshoot the most common Windows 8.1a€™s problemsa€”and the toughest ones In Depth offers: a€c Comprehensive coverage, with detailed solutions a€c Breakthrough techniques and shortcuts that are unavailable elsewhere a€c Practical, real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out a€c Troubleshooting help for tough problems you cana€™t fix on your own a€c Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching styles a€c Quick information via sidebars, tips, reminders, notes, and warnings In Depth is the only tool you need to get more done in less time! CATEGORY: Windows Operating System COVERS: MicrosoftAr Windows 8.1If you are a member of a domain network, contact the network administrator to have him or her reset your password. ... Windows Key ( creates a Linux boot disk, which pokes through your NTFS disk volume, finds the anbsp;...

Title:Windows 8.1 In Depth
Author:Brian Knittel, Paul McFedries
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2014-03-10


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