Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

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Doctor Chandler Brogana€™s favorite things start with the letter S: Speed, Sex, and as she soon discovers when a cop pulls her over on her motorcycle for reckless drivinga€bSarah. Chandler is a clinical psychologist who focuses on sexual dysfunction, but her professional expertise has never made her personal life any easier. She spends more and more time searching for the ultimate connection, and when she fails, she escapes on her bike. Officer Sarah Monroe enjoys being in control, so much so that she cana€™t let down her guard enough to achieve the intimacy she secretly craves. From their first tumultuous meeting, the two women are drawn together in a battle of wills and a fiery sexual dance that neither can turn away from.(1933110244) Change Of Pace: Erotic Interludes by Radclyffe. Twentyfive hotwired encounters guaranteed to spark more than just your imagination. Erotica as youa#39;ve always dreamed of it. (1933110074) Honor Guards by Radclyffe. In a wildanbsp;...

Title:Wild Abandon
Author:Ronica Black
Publisher:Bold Strokes Books Inc - 2006-03-01


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