"Why Me? Why Not Me" Captain Bob's journey to heaven through surrender.

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a€œWhy me God? Why not me? I noticed a swelling on my lower left leg on the calf muscle in late December 2009. There was no pain at all, so I dismissed it as a swelling from a hard fall I had taken in my basement about a month earlier. I showed it to Cindy who wanted me to go to the doctor's, but if you haven't noticed I am thick headed and wanted to see if it would just go away..it didn't. The doctor's visit and subsequent MRI in February began the process of identifying just what this thing was. Treatment could only begin after a positive ID. At this point I was not overly concerned. I still believed it to be a hematoma from the fall. It turned out to be much, much more.a€ This is the first entry into a 2-year CaringBridge journal for my husband Bob who was 63 at the time and a very virile and active man. The hematoma turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer that would take his life just 2 years later. The journal documents the tremendous faith and strength that he received from Christ every step of the way. The journal will carry you through the innermost thoughts of a man who knows that there is a possibility that he will not live through this, but turns to God and sees the joy of life in adversity. I rode the journey with him for 2 years and realized that through Jesus, Bob was able to not only live well but also to die well. His journal will put you front and center on his beautiful journey, something he called a€œan e-ticket ride with Christ.a€ We were all blessed to be a part of his journey and I hope, that after reading this, you will feel blessed too. a€œHe took my fear and turned it into wondera€ a€œThe mysteries of the ages will be mine soon. Are you jealousa€ a€œOpen our eyes to the reality of the moments we live in.a€Nice unita€”Olympus Stylus 8010 Tough. Waterproof to thirtythree feet ( oneatmosphere) and drop proof to six feet. Fourteen megapixela€”wow. All this activity brought the hurt level up on thelegquite a bit, but with an houra#39;s rest, it settled downanbsp;...

Title:"Why Me? Why Not Me" Captain Bob's journey to heaven through surrender.
Author:Robert R. Schulte
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-10-01


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