Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?

Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?

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According to Ilana Garon, popular books and movies are inundated with the myth of the a€œhero teachera€a€”the one who charges headfirst into dysfunctional inner city schools like a firefighter into an inferno, bringing the student victims to safety through a combination of charisma and innate righteousness. The students are then a€œsaveda€ by the teachera€™s idealism, empathy, and willingness to put faith in kids who have been given up on by society as a whole. a€œWhy Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?a€ is not that type of book. In this book, Garon reveals the sometimes humorous, oftentimes frustrating, and occasionally horrifying truths that accompany the experience of teaching at a public high school in the Bronx today. The overcrowded classrooms, lack of textbooks, and abundance of mice, cockroaches, and drugs werena€™t the only challenges Garon faced during her first four years as a teacher. Every day, shea€™d interact with students such as Kayron, Carlos, Felicia, Jonah, Elizabeth, and Tonyaa€”students dealing with real-life addictions, miscarriages, stints in a€œjuvie, a€ abusive relationships, turf wars, and gang violence. These students also brought with them big dreams and uncommon insighta€”and challenged everything Garon thought she knew about education. In response, Garona€”a naive, suburban girl with a curly ponytail, freckles, and Harry Potter glassesa€”opened her eyes, rolled up her sleeves, and learned to distinguish between mitigated failure and qualified success. In this book, Garon explains how she learned that being a new teacher was about trial by fire, making mistakes, learning from the very students she was teaching, and occasionally admitting that she may not have answers to their thought-provoking (and amusing) questions.... while youa#39;re administering these tests, because youa#39;re supposed to watch the kids the entiretime sothat they wona#39;t cheat. ... I maintained that despite thelength Ididna#39;t think itwas averygood essay, and thatthere wereother studentswhose essays I felt had ... He read from the essay, a€œa#39;Pollution is a factor in cumulus clouds.

Title:Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens?
Author:Ilana Garon
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-12-13


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