Who's Watching You

Who's Watching You

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The threat of terrorism and the corresponding climate of fear encouraged by the government have together eroded our freedom to live our lives in peace and quiet away from the prying eyes of hidden cameras. The government is tightening its grip on us by watching and recording what we do. They are doing this because they know they can and because knowledge is power. But exactly who are a€œtheya€ and why do they want to know so much about us? This book includes chilling, accurate, and up-to-date descriptions of the methods the government (and private company proxies) use to watch us.Feeling the need to take the prank a stage further, the hackersa€” using a Sidekick phone of their owna€”pulled up the secure TMobile customer records site, looked up Hiltona#39;s phone number, and reset the password for her account, locking heranbsp;...

Title:Who's Watching You
Author:John Gibb, Mack Farren
Publisher:Red Wheel Weiser - 2007-05-01


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