Who Am I

Who Am I

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qWho am I?q is not the question to self, but, it is the answer to the universe about itself. It is the secrete answer about history (Ex. Pyramids) and belief. It is the answer about science and its future (ex. Bermuda triangle). It is the answer about excellence and intelligence of Human brain. It is answer to Time travel and time machine. It is first ever secrete answer, explaining the beginning and end of universe. It is the hope; to answer every question that could ever be asked by human intelligence. It is an answer to me about my-self. But, It is not about me, it is about you, qWho you areq! It about us (mankind) qWho and why and How we existq! The book contains the much awaited pure knowledge and solutions of universe for human (both common man and scientists). Now humans and science will never be fooled. Now, there will never be any contradictions among the Religion, Science, History, Human Brain and the existence and role of Human in this universe. The book explains every qWhyq and qhowq about the seven Universe that exists. It is combination of knowledge explaining Psychology of Human thinking: how, what and Why they think. This is first book ever which proves 'Philosophy' with 'scientific logics' and mathematical proof.Such a view can also be visible when there is short-circuit in TV. At short circuit condition TV is not able to broadcast anything (our desired channel freq.). In such a short circuit power or energy is not distributed in the complete circuit ratheranbsp;...

Title:Who Am I
Author:Neehar Sanadhaya
Publisher:PartridgeIndia - 2014-09-15


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