Which Oil?

Which Oil?

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This is a new edition for November 2013 If you own a classic car, you face the problem of choosing the appropriate modern lubricants to use in its engine, gearbox, final drive and chassis. The original ownera€™s handbook, if you have one, is probably of limited use as the lubricants it lists are probably no longer available. Even if you have some good information, you still have problems: are modern oils suitable? If yes, which ones? (Even within a single brand there may be five or six different oils sold for apparently the same purpose.) If no, then why not? What characteristics are unsuitable, and where do you turn to obtain an appropriate oil? This book gives all owners the information that will allow them to understand the lubrication needs of their cars, and to relate those needs to modern lubricants. You will be able to make correct and safe choices, or to seek out appropriate specialised lubricants if necessary, using step-by-step instructions. Answers are also given to many of the most commonly asked questions about suitable oils for classic cars.satisfactorily in service over time, the polymers used to formulate it had to be shear stable. ... This was not the case in Europe where the Mini Minor a€” and the generally smaller, higher revving, more stressed engines typically used thereanbsp;...

Title:Which Oil?
Author:Richard Michell
Publisher:Veloce Publishing Ltd - 2011-10-15


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