Where Is My Happiness?

Where Is My Happiness?

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Life is like an airplane that goes really fast. We are only allowed to go forward; we can never turn back. Time makes us old, and love make us sore. Therea€™s a lot of happiness in our lives, but therea€™s also much sorrow. That is life! That is what makes life so wonderful: happiness sometimes, and sadness other times! Some people might think sadness is not a wonderful thing to keep, and thata€™s true. But if we only had happiness without any sadness, our lives wouldna€™t be that fun anymore. I know sadness feels really bad. It hurts us a lot. Some people even lose their life because of tears, but everybody has to have some sadness throughout life. We just hope sad times go away faster, and happy moments last longer! Remember, always smile while facing any emotional issues. Ita€™ll make life a lot better! Accept the truth, and always trust yourself.always the first student at the school, and I always study, but why can I still not beat all those smart people who only study for a few hours every day? I guess if you are smart, then you dona#39;t really need to study and youa#39;ll get a good grade, but if you are stupid, then doesna#39;t matter how long you study, you ... My mom actually used the eraser to erase every single problem on my summer homework packet.

Title:Where Is My Happiness?
Author:Nikki Yang
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-04-19


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