Where Do Flies Go in Winter?

Where Do Flies Go in Winter?

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Matthew McKitrick, an ordinary 'Joe' with a wife, a home and a job at CIA headquarters as a low security level programmer, is coerced by a desperate government into tracking down his evil twin brother. Cruelly separated by a random kidnapping while very young, Matthew and his identical sibling find each other twenty-six years later. Saddam Hussein prepares for invasion. America gets ready for an oil war. Driven by commitment, Matthew begins a quest to find his brother Sean, who is discovered to be working for a notorious Iranian weapons dealer named Mahtob. This incredible journey takes Matt from the depths of fear to pinnacles of courage, and across two continents on the brink of Armageddon.The procedure manual called for second shift to telephone headquarters upon completion of the changing of the guard. Polk glanced at the nametag of one of his ... a€œBoyd here, sir, at Digitech. Everything in order, a€ Polk said mechanically.

Title:Where Do Flies Go in Winter?
Author:Paul Mendelsohn
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-10-01


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