Where Did My Money Go?

Where Did My Money Go?

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Have you ever wondered why you, like most Americans, are broke at the end of every month? Are you a slave to the a€œmonthly paymenta€? Do you believe that things in your life would be better if you only got that well-deserved raise? Are you stuck in debt and believe there is no way out and no other way to obtain lifea€™s needs? Did you know one-third of your lifea€™s earnings will go to your house payment as another third goes to pay taxes? Would you like a better way to look at personal finances that will set you free from the shackles of the modern system of debt? Then this could be the very thing you need, as the answers to these questions will be easily explained within. The key to wealth is to be debt free, as commanded by God. Where Did My Money Go? can lead you in that direction by teaching you how to become debt free and recognize the predators knocking on your door in a culture dripping with materialism. Take a journey into a new life free from the banks, finance companies, mortgage companies, college loan companies, and all the other wolves at your door who simply want to take your hard-earned dollar.In 2008, the credit card companies hauled in over 20 billion dollars on late charges and other associated penalties alone. Basically, it works like this. Home Depot is having a sale. So, they offer a 10 percent discount if you apply for their creditanbsp;...

Title:Where Did My Money Go?
Author:Bob Hopkins
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2012-04-13


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