When to Kill

When to Kill

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Someone is going around the city literally butchering men, not just any men though, they are spousal abusers. Meet them and their family's. Meet Devon and Irene, the two best detectives that are on the homicide force, they have always solved their case's...until now. Meet K.C. Jones, the best that the F.B.I. has to offer, can he help put a stop to the murders as they are rapidly spread across the country and then the world? Watch as history is made when new laws are passed faster than any in history. Come into these people's lives and their loved one's. Cry with them, grieve with them, and laugh with them. Feel the horror, the shame, but most of all feel the love and all the emotions that come with it.Darlene Boone. Y The little girl sat on the rotting steps in the bitter cold wiping the snot from her red nose with the back of her dirty coat ... The girl looked up at Heaven and began to pray, she doesna#39;t know why, no one has bothered to show her to pray, no one has bothered to talk to her of God, yet she knows that he is there, she feels him, she senses his presence. ... a€œGet your little ass in the bed right now, who do you think you are runa€” ning all over the place in the middle of the nighta€anbsp;...

Title:When to Kill
Author:Darlene Boone
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-04-01


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