When Love & Culture Collide

When Love & Culture Collide

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As recent college graduates and childhood best friends, Sophie and Sadie start their new chapter of life with a trip to Spain. However, their girlie vacation quickly turns into a lover's paradise when Sophie lays eyes on a handsome Brit, Dylan. Now, after two years of struggling to settle in comfortably in England, Sophie begins to worry whether or not Dylan's love is enough and if their cultural differences will slowly eat away at her and threaten their strong bond? Then Dylan pops the question, Sophie is quick to put all her worries behind her. At their engagement party Sophie finally feels like she is fitting in and England is looking promising. But, suddenly, Dylan breaks off the engagement and, before she knows it, she is back on a plane headed for America without Dylan or an explanation. Distraught and traumatized, Sophie struggles to cope with the unexpected breakup and tries to fit back into her own culture, instantly realizing that all the things she didn't like about England were exactly what she missed the most. Back in the States, the fast pace of life and the open skies seemed to swallow her whole. Will Sophie and Sadie get back to where they left off, before Spain? Or will Sophie and Dylan's strong bond bring them back together? The pain threatens to change Sophie forever. Could it also threaten any chance of a reunion?English was derived from Englanda#39;s English, how had it evolved so quickly into two different languages? ... had to relearn English, from trash to rubbish, trunk to boot, and even the generally innocent fanny being bum and its not-so- general- and-innocent meaning in England that I wona#39;t say here. ... I squeezed out of my parking space and attempted to put the car in gear. ... Nonetheless, the automatic was rarer in England, and I had to succumb to an English driving test with a manual.

Title:When Love & Culture Collide
Author:Jenny Ripatti
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-11-19


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