What Would Jackie Do?

What Would Jackie Do?

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We cana€™t help but want to be like her: Exuding unmatched poise and style, she continues to fascinate people of all ages. But how would Jackie have handled the twenty-first-century? What would she think about a society that celebrates outsized egos, instant everything, and casual rules of conduct? How might she dress for the office, scan for a man, accessorize a homea€”and get away from it all when necessary? With intriguing research, commentary from todaya€™s experts, and fond reminiscences from those who knew and admired the first lady of perfection, journalists Shelly Branch and Sue Callaway now offer a sparkling answer to the question, What Would Jackie Do? Applying Jackiea€™s philosophies to every aspect of contemporary life, including relationships, office politics, family matters, and entertaining, What Would Jackie Do? is a trove of advice, featuring: a€c Noblesse Oblige for Beginners a€c How Not to be an Interchangeable Woman a€c Mastering the Effortless Rich look a€c The art of attachment: lessons on sex, marriage, and men of consequence a€c Career Whirl: Pearls for Getting Ahead a€c Caftan in a Kelly bag: How to travel beautifully a€c O- Behave! Anti-brat strategies for parents * En Suite Home: Perfecting Your Domestic Pitch The next best thing to having Jackie O. as a personal adviser, What Would Jackie Do? reveals the practical wisdom behind an icon and gives all readers a piece of the Jackie mystique, be it of the heart, the mind, or the home.When Jackie tired of too many blond poolside guests at the White House, she would repair to Glen Ora or to the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach, ... Reach out with your e-mail, BlackBerry, cell phone, whatever, to preempt ugly scenes.

Title:What Would Jackie Do?
Author:Shelly Branch, Sue Callaway
Publisher:Penguin - 2005-12-29


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