What To Consider if You're Considering College — The Big Picture

What To Consider if You're Considering College — The Big Picture

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Going to college used to be a passport to future success, but that's no longer the case. For some students, it's still a good choice that leads to a successful career after graduation, but for many their degrees are worthless pieces of paper. Choose the wrong program and graduation is more likely to lead to disillusionment and debt than a steady paycheque. Yet parents, guidance counselors, and politicians still push higher education as if it's the only option for building a secure future. In this book, Ken S. Coates and Bill Morrison set out to explore the many educational opportunities and career paths open to Canadian high-school students and those in their twenties. This book is designed to help young adults decide whether to pursue a degree, enroll for skills training, or investigate one of the many other options that are available. In this special excerpt, we take a wide-angle look at the world that awaits you after high school and how to cope with it while making the best decisions for a prosperous future, including 1. Preparing for Life After High School, 2. Surviving and Thriving in Post-Secondary Education, and 3. Who Are You and What Are Your Choices? This book will help you consider all the options in a clear, rational way.... AMERICAa#39;S TEN WORST COLLEGES (Based on an equal weighting of tuition cost, graduation rate, average student debt, and default rate on debt. ... New England Institute of Art, MA (forprofit) 2. ... University of Southern California 10.

Title:What To Consider if You're Considering College — The Big Picture
Author:Bill Morrison, Ken S. Coates
Publisher:Dundurn - 2015-05-23


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