What Nurses Know...Menopause

What Nurses Know...Menopause

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Nurses are experts at translating knowledge for patients. Rouse, a registered nurse, has written this book for women experiencing this bewildering time in life through the eyes of a nurse. the easy-to-read text mixes understandable explanations with solid medical knowledge. What Nurses Know outlines the physiology of menopause, its symptoms, and includes tips and recommendations for its management.WEIGHT CONTROL STRATEGIES I joined Weight Watchers to keep my weight under control and it worked. ... As hard as losing weight may be, the real challenge is keeping it off. ... To lose weight you should eat about 1, 200 to 1, 500 calories a day with no more than 30 percent of them coming from fat. ... You can find calorie calculators online that help you figure out what your daily calorie needs are.

Title:What Nurses Know...Menopause
Author:Karen Roush
Publisher:Demos Medical Publishing - 2010-09-17


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