"What Future for Japan?"

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Within a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States government began to plan a policy for a defeated Japan. In order to avoid any future attacks on the United States, Japanese society had to be changed. Politicians, Japan specialists, historians, political scientists, and anthropologists debated the future of Japan. Topics ranged from the future role of the Emperor and politics, to Japanese economy, to re-education of the Japanese people. Eventually an overall policy for postwar Japan was formulated, which was to a high degree executed by General Douglas MacArthur during the Occupation of Japan. This study is based on research in the records of the government policy planners, both private papers and official records. It is the first book-length study of the American planning for the occupation of Japan, including the drafting of policy, not only in the State Department but also in the War Department, Office of Strategic Services, and the Office of War Information. The analysis focuses on the development of strategies for remodeling postwar Japan as well as on the meaning of Japan constructed by various planners and decision makers and the impact of their constructions on American Occupation policy.enrotic: Geoffrey Gorer At the end of 1941 Geoffrey Gorer wrote the first study of Japanese culture and personality: aquot;Japanese Character Structure and Propaganda.aquot;49 His essay was very influential in the development of the notion of aquot;nationalanbsp;...

Title:"What Future for Japan?"
Author:Rudolf V. A. Janssens
Publisher:Rodopi - 1995-01-01


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