What Every 18 Yr. Old Needs to Know

What Every 18 Yr. Old Needs to Know

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Why is there so much bipartisan bickering? Why are some folks so darned adamant about their political viewpoints? Should we all actually develop a political belief system? But who really gives a hoot about politics, anyways? Have the schools of this USofA adequately prepared our 18 year olds for one of the important privileges that they can now engage, namely to vote? And even after 18 years old, how and when does each of us actually become EXPERT at selecting our politicians? How can any one person know who to vote for, and does it really make any difference which way we vote? They say that if I don't vote then I have no right to complain about who we get in our government. But that doesn't make any sense, or is it just me? Some say that the MEDIA is biased, but how can that be? They just report the news, don't they? Why won't our government just do more to FIX things and to HELP people? What SHOULD our government REALLY do to help us solve our problems? I've even heard people talk about dark and strange conspiracy theories; about people who are so super rich and powerful, who plan things in secret, and that THEY are the REAL people in control in this world, playing us as if we're all just tokens on a game board ...The WSJ article quotes a 1972 essay in the Times Book Review (the book having made it to the New York Times Bestsellers List) in which Mr. Lewin had simply hoped to aquot;pose the issues of war and peace in a provocative way . . . perhaps, anbsp;...

Title:What Every 18 Yr. Old Needs to Know
Author:Paul from White Lake
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-11-03


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