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Move to a Great Body, the first book in Wellocracya€™s cutting-edge ebook series, introduces the smart tools called activity trackers, wearable biosensors that monitor your activity levels throughout the day. Activity trackers can tell you how many steps you take, how much time you spend sitting, and how many calories you burn. Some can even measure the length and quality of your sleep. They send data to your computer, tablet, or smartphone, where you can access them anytime. The Wellocracy team will show you how to a€œlistena€ to your tracking information to make simple and incremental changes that can be incorporated into your lifea€”your way to grow slimmer, stronger, fitter, and happier. Do you know which tracker you need and the best brands to meet your health and wellness objectives? In Move to a Great Body, our experts explain how to pick the tracker thata€™s right for you, based on your personal goals and budget. Moreover, the Wellocracy team shows you how to use tracking information to customize a personalized fitness plan that will get you up and moving in no time. And in our books and companion website, Wellocracy.com, we will help you find your a€œstickiness factor, a€ the term experts use to describe the particular motivational strategies that will inspire you to stay on track to achieve your goals. Identifying and understanding your own stickiness factor will enable you to stick to a fitness program even if you have never been able to do that before. Future books in the Wellocracy series will feature health devices and apps that can help you lose weight and maintain weight goals, cope with stress, improve your sleep, rev up your sex life, monitor your pregnancy, boost your productivity, and manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure. Wellocracy is a community dedicated to empowering and motivating people to simplya€”and effectivelya€”track and manage their health and wellness in ways that have never before possible until now, whether at home or on the go. Join us at Wellocracy.com.If you wantedto keep track of your step count, and contrasthow you did one daytothe next, you hadto maintain a manual diary and input your information daily . ... with friends viasocial networkssuchas Facebookand Twitter, and withcircles of users viathe device manufacturera#39;s website. ... Sometrackers (like Fitbit)offer virtual rewardsa€”like badges or congratulatory emails topeople who meettheirdaily goals.

Author:Joseph C. Kvedar, Carol Colman, Justin Mager
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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