Well logging for physical properties

Well logging for physical properties

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Standard well logging technology was developed primarily to use measurements in liquid-filled boreholes to quantify the petroleum content in liquid-saturated sedimentary formations. By taking a fundamental approach to tool physics, this book enables readers to move beyond the standard situations and assumptions to use the technology under other conditions, such as air-filled boreholes and partially-saturated formations, and for other applications, such as the estimation of lithology type, shale fraction, mineral content, coal quality, total organic carbon, bedding dip and strike, and the movement of fluids in a borehole. This new edition explores the physical principles behind logging methods, including modern methods such as nuclear magnetic resonance, full-wave acoustic methods, and logging-while-drilling. No other book explains all of these new techniques. However, because log analysts must deal with logs run long ago, descriptions of the older technology are also retained. This comprehensive resource will help the log user review the results from the logging service companies, which run the logs and present the results. It will enable the user to understand the technology, to ask the right questions, and then to use the answers. Throughout the book, numerical values for the physical properties of fluids and minerals help the readers convert log values to actual formation properties. The explanations of technology, practical examples, and numerical data not only make this book an invaluable reference but also permit readers to improve and correct measurements made in the fieldFigure 5.25 constitute a workable method for the determination of Rw from SSP values, but only if the measurement is made properly. ... The SP recorded across jtm will equal SSP = V, + Vm only if all the return current flows through the wellbore and if the formation and shale ... r-VW- -alt; a€” wv a€” 1 .f Ar c 1 a€” vw- J a€” vw a€” 1 BP.

Title:Well logging for physical properties
Author:Joseph R. Hearst, Philip H. Nelson, F. L. Paillet
Publisher:Wiley - 2000


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