Welcome to Planet Earth

Welcome to Planet Earth

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At this time in the development of the Earth species, the brain/mind does not have a large enough data acquisition and computing capacity to take in the multidimensions of the walk-in process. The characteristics of these dimensions would allow for many types of spirit activity on the Earth plane beyond the simple (actually, simplistic) explanation of a single soul unit changing places with another single soul. Spirit and consciousness are more fluid and variable than your world has considered. We will tell you that spirit guides and guardian angels surround everyone who is participating in these expanded spirit processes. The increasing number of walk-ins at this time is in service to the ascension, or step up in consciousness, of the species. These participants can always call on guides for assistance. We Pleiadians are guides in the project. We are always available and we wish you peace. -- The Pleiadian LightA Guide for Walk-ins, Starseeds, and Lightworkers Hannah Beaconsfield ... The dolphins as well as the whales represent a sentient species of Sirius energy on Earth. They and ... Could I channel the dolphins, and would they give a name?

Title:Welcome to Planet Earth
Author:Hannah Beaconsfield
Publisher:Light Technology Publications - 2011-07-01


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