Welcome to Harbour House

Welcome to Harbour House

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The Last Will and Testament of Irene Millicent Grayson: To my half-sister, Sidney Lynn Delaney, I leave my entire estate and name her the legal guardian of my daughter, Amy Louise Grayson. Why in the world would she possibly entertain such a request? I'm a thirty-seven year old single working girl, born, raised, and happily rooted in New York City. I don't know athing about kids! This place is in the country, rural country, on a large lake. I'm a city-dweller. Brooklyn ismy idea of country. Sidney takes fourteen-year old Amy under her wing and tackles the quaint family homestead bringing it right into twenty-first century amenities. No, not a Bed and Breakfast ... this house needs a family. HARBOUR HOUSE should be, a 'boarding house'! Raising a teenager seemed easy during that first winter until the summer tourist season approached. Without much warning, Sidney is faced with the monumental responsibility of rescuing a teenager. Thank goodness for a big, hunky male boarder who insists on helping!a€œThe boat, did you forget about the boat? Why do you look so ... Her head didna#39;t feel one bit sensible, but she shook it loose, a€œOkay, what about the boat in the water?a€ a€œI took the motor ... Look, I found the ownera#39;s manual and these loose papers in this vinyl zip packet. Where do you want ... with the manual.a€ S IDNEY FOUND WADE at the computer pondering an eBay WELComE To HaRBoUR HoUsE 125.

Title:Welcome to Harbour House
Author:Carole Borthwick
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-02-04


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